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Percepat Transformasi Budaya Kerja Hasnur Group dalam Menghadapi Tantangan di 2024

Percepat Transformasi Budaya Kerja Hasnur Group dalam Menghadapi Tantangan di 2024

JAKARTA – Hasnur Group held a Town Hall Meeting (THM) with the theme “Building the New Working Culture”. The THM was held at the Jakarta Convention Center and was attended by all employees in Jakarta who were present directly at the Jakarta Convention Centre, while the rest participated virtually at all Hasnur Group work sites in South Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, and other sites outside Kalimantan.

Also present at this THM were Hasnur Group President Director Jayanti Sari, President Commissioner of Hasnur Group Rachmadi Sulaiman, Holding Directors and Hasnur Group Entity Directors along with their affiliated companies.

Head of the Human Capital Committee of Hasnur Group, Zulfikar Alimuddin, said that the holding of the THM is part of Hasnur Group’s efforts to improve the future working culture. “This is a good momentum because at the beginning of 2024, all employees can hear and ask about how Hasnur Group can face future challenges. This activity is to motivate Hasnur’s people to work together according to the Hasnur Group tagline ‘Grow Together Develop the Future’,” he said in his press release.

Furthermore, he said that this THM 2024 activity is very much needed to provide support to all elements so that the company’s operations can move and get better. “This is the trust of the founders and shareholders as we hope all Hasnur people work hard to improve the performance of this beloved company,” he said.

Jayanti Sari, President Director of Hasnur Group, in her President’s message, stated that 2024 is a transformation phase towards a better new working culture, which includes three things: ESG, agility, and innovation. “A new working culture certainly requires superior human resources. Therefore, comprehensive development is needed to increase capacity and capability to be more productive, adaptive, and innovative,” she said.

Amidst global economic uncertainty, all business units of the Hasnur Group are expected to work with a focus on running their business units to create operational excellence and cost efficiency. “The main prerequisite is to have a professional, integrity, and competent team in their field,” she concluded.

This Town Hall activity also presented an external speaker, Rivan A. Purwantono, the President Director of Jasa Raharja. The selection of an external speaker was made considering his experience related to change management, which could be shared with all Hasnur Group employees.

The THM was also used as a launching platform for the Reinventing Organization (RO) Platform by management. The RO Platform is a platform aimed at facilitating employees in discussing challenges, identifying problems, and finding innovative ideas. In addition, this RO Platform has features for individual performance assessments and project management, which is a center for managing innovative projects for employees.

SOURCE: Republika