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Sirekap Alami Kendala Pemungutan Suara, KPU Angkat Bicara

Sirekap or Rekapitulasi Information System has recently gained public attention due to discrepancies in the vote count data between the system and the actual vote count at the polling stations.

KPU Commissioner, Betty Epsilon Idroos, spoke up about this issue. She revealed that there were as many as 1,223 out of 823,236 Polling Stations (TPS) with incorrect Presidential Election 2024 vote data in Sirekap.

The KPU openly stated that they are continuously working to improve field performance and address the discrepancies in Sirekap data.

For the parliamentary elections, if there is a discrepancy between the final Form C results and Sirekap data, polling station officers can make corrections through a mobile application to align with the Form C results.

Aside from input data errors, there are other issues surrounding this vote recapitulation application. Rumors have circulated that Sirekap data is stored on servers outside the country such as China, Singapore, and France.

Betty Epsilon Idroos (source: tribunnews.com)

All data storage locations are within Indonesia. There is no data stored in other foreign entities,” replied Betty when asked at her office on Monday (February 19, 2024).

The security of Sirekap is guaranteed by the KPU. This is because Sirekap is protected by a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and anti-DDoS that can efficiently clean traffic and provide protection, even during very high simultaneous access to the application.

Furthermore, the Indonesian KPU stated that Sirekap has been audited by authorized institutions, but Betty, a member of the KPU who made this statement, refused to disclose which authority had audited the Sirekap application.

Despite the many issues that have arisen with the use of Sirekap, Betty emphasized that the application is only a tool to assist and is not the official determinant of the vote count results.

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