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Prabowo Subianto: Terima Kasih atas Komitmen NU untuk Mengawasi dan Mendukung Pemerintahan yang Akan Datang

Jakarta — The President-elect for the 2024-2029 period, Prabowo Subianto, expressed his gratitude to the Executive Board of Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) for their support and commitment to the upcoming government.

Prabowo made these remarks during the PBNU Halal Bihalal 1445 H held at the PBNU Central Building, Jl. Kramat Raya No. 164, Central Jakarta, on Sunday (28/4).

According to Prabowo, the future challenges facing Indonesia are not easy, thus requiring commitment and close cooperation, including with PBNU.

“The challenges we face are neither getting easier nor simpler. With President Jokowi’s invitation to join his administration, I have been closely involved in discussions and decisions made by President Jokowi. Indeed, the government’s task, the task of earning the people’s trust, must genuinely work for the interests of all Indonesians,” said Prabowo.

“Thankfully, the people have entrusted the Prabowo-Gibran team, but we are merely figures; it is impossible for just two people to solve the nation’s problems,” he continued.

Therefore, the involvement of the PBNU cadre and other inclusive Islamic organizations is essential to join hands together.

Thus, according to Prabowo, the foundation will be stronger when all elements come together to safeguard the nation and the state, in order to protect Indonesia’s wealth.

“We feel that our primary duty is to guard Indonesia’s wealth so that it can be enjoyed by all Indonesian people. Therefore, the strategy initiated by Jokowi is considered a very strong foundation, and we will build on that foundation,” Prabowo concluded.

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